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We know the value of your videos and I want to bring you the very best video tools to

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To start, we have 3 amazing applications from DynaPel.

These applications take in AVI movie files, improve them, and create a new AVI files with the result (sorry, no MPEG, just AVI).

When I first saw these, I couldn’t believe they could do the things they do.  Give them a try and see for yourself.

After seeing them, I had to find out how they worked.   I traveled to the lab in Munich, Germany and met with the team of PhDs who created them.  It took them quite a while to explain the many mathematical techniques and computer heuristics involved.  When the lab closed, we moved the discussion to the beer gardens.  I had to suffer quite a few beers and countless pretzels, but it was worth it to get the inside scoop for you. 

I know you’ll appreciate the effort when you check out our “How it works” pages.


SteadyHand  can remove the shake, rattle and roll and make a bad video rock-steady (puns unintentional).  Call it anti-shake, video stabilization, steady-cam (SteadiCam), vibration removal, shake-fix, stable-camera whatever – I call it my best friend.    (Version )

Winner! Prestigious Magazine 4-Star Rating

* * * *


MotionPerfect  MotionPerfect can change the speed, frame-rate and run-time of an AVI video.  In each operation, MotionPerfect calculates and interpolates motion within the video so all newly computed frames have all objects moved to the proper placement within new frames.  

This means that slow-motion has smooth movement – no matter how slow.  MotionPerfect can also compute and fill in new frames to change a jump low frame rate video into a smooth full-frame rate video.  It can even automatically repair videos by replacing missing and dropped frames.

It’s great for converting NTSC-PAL frame rate conversion or to smooth out a choppy video you got from a web-cam.  (Version 4.3.1)


SlowMotion  is a deceptively simple tool that lets you slow down the action in your video.   Making it slow, is the easy part, but the magic of SlowMotion is that it does this with smooth motion.   New frames, to be placed between original frame photos, are mathematically created with the objects moved to their proper places.   It is truly a beautiful thing to see.  (Version )




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